Our Guests


Week 4, Wednesday 10th June @ 1pm: Actor, Eddy Westbury

Eddy and I will be talking about diversity in the industry, our experiences and sharing our thoughts on where we can still progress.


Week 3: Actor, Harrison Osterfield

I'll be chatting to Harrison Osterfield this Wednesday, and as it's Mental Health Awareness Week we'll be discussing how we can look after ourselves and other people whilst navigating our industry. 

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Week 2: Casting Director

This week I'll be joined by Sarah, Xanthe and Ben from Sarah Crowe Casting. After setting up her own business, she's gone on to cast, 'The Personal History of David Copperfield', 'Mum', 'The Thick of It' and 'Arthur Christmas'. How do you become a Casting Director? What's their day to day like? How do I get in the room?

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Week 1: Agents

To kick us off I'll be joined by Rebecca Pumphrey and Liv Harlow from Independent Talent. They'll be sharing the ins and outs of what it actually means to be an Agent - the mythical creatures we've all have heard of, but don't fully understand. Two fonts of all knowledge, I've no doubt that together they could take over and run the world. They're supportive, they're encouraging and I've found they're (annoyingly) always right .. .

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